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Visit the Imperial Capuchins' Crypt, the burial place of the Habsburg dynasty since 1618. It is just below the humble church and monastery of the Order of the Capuchin Friars, where the mortal remains of the emperors and empresses of the Habsburg empire ‘on which the sun once never set’ are laid to rest. The magnificent sarcophagi reveal power and dynastic understanding as well as the consciousness of one's own transience and the hope of resurrection.

See the impressive tombs of famous rulers, such as those of Emperor Franz Josef and his beautiful wife Elisabeth "Sisi", the impressive "double coffin" of Empress Maria Theresa and Francis-Stephen of Lorraine or the humble copper coffin of the reformist emperor Joseph II. A tour through the Capuchins' Crypt takes you through 400 years of Austrian and European history, from the Thirty Years' War to revolutions and the first ideas for a united Europe.

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Entrance Fees

€ 8,50

€ 7,50

Children under 19 y.
€ 5,00

Family (2 Adults + Children)
€ 18,50

* Concession tickets available upon presentation of a respective ID for: senior citizens from 60 y., students under 27 y., persons in civil or military service, handicapped people and others; for further information please see the site of the Capuchins' Crypt.

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